Let the Rainbows Fly..

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just really don’t pay attention, I am a member of the LGBT community. I am a lesbian. I’m not ultra political but I do believe in equal human, civil rights. I do have a love that I want to marry someday, and I am a normal human being just like everyone else.

With that being said, Chicago’s 43rd annual Pride parade was held this past weekend in the Boystown/Lakeview area. The bestie flew in from Texas to hang out for the weekend and we enjoyed some fun parties, lots of drinking and laughs, and happiness and love during the Pride parade.


We had amazing weather (ok, it was hot as hannah) and plenty of drinks and snacks to go around. The parade kicked off at 12 pm but we didn’t start spotting floats until around 1:30 pm as they made their way down Halsted street. Because the parade attracts sooo many people (up from 400,000 the first year I went to about a million this year), they extended the route 5 extra blocks and re-routed the entire parade in the opposite direction that it normally goes.


We didn’t have a great view this year, so many of the on-foot groups we kinda missed. But we did see lots of floats and I was able to spot my company’s large walking group in the parade, which was really neat! I’m so glad I work for a company that values diversity! Now, we’re all trying to recover from the weekend..I hope everyone enjoyed the weather this past week! It’s supposed to hit over 100 with a heat indez of 110 in Chicago on Thursday! Yeesh!



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