Book Review: Sing You Home

JP gifted me a book for my birthday back in May! I love books. I love the feel of books, I love turning the pages, I love finishing books and there’s nothing better than getting wrapped up in a really good book! One of my favorite authors is Jodi Picoult because I think she has a very interesting perspective on a variety of different topics that are sometimes mainstream (teen pregnancy) and sometimes not-so-much (Amish community, anyone?). Her characters are usually full of life and have their own personalities that really shine through her writing, and I really haven’t read a novel by her that I haven’t fully enjoyed.

“Sing You Home” starts out about a straight married couple that struggles with pregnancy and end up in the midst of a divorce and fighting over their frozen embryos that they saved for in-vitro. They had multiple unsuccessful attempts and after their last attempt which resulted in a stillbirth of their infant son, their marriage crumbled. The novel then really dives into this battle between the “rightful” owners of the embryos: do they belong to the husband Max who does not want to have children, or do they belong to the wife, Zoe, who is trying to start a new life with her partner Vanessa. You’ll read about struggles between religion and issues of state, as well as just be immersed in this powerful story of Max, Zoe and Vanessa as they navigate through life and their court trial. I definitely recommend this read, even if you’re in between on your support of gay rights!


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