Summer Weekends

We celebrated the Fourth of July this past weekend with (what I felt like was) a ton of activities! Here are some snapshots from JP and I’s weekend!

1. JP, myself and my younger sister at the family’s 4th of July celebration in Indiana  | 2. Much needed Auntie time with the cutest nephew, ever.   | 3. Fans flocking for a glimpse of Colbie Caillat exiting her tour bus.  | 4. & 5. Crazy Chicago summer storms.  | 6. Traveling Chance caught up in a sheet!

Backing up, JP and I hit up Ravinia Festival for the Colbie Caillat + Gavin DeGraw concert on Friday night. Colbie was amazing and as beautiful as ever and she sang all of her best hits! Then on Saturday we drove into NW Indiana to visit with my mom’s side of the family for a 4th of July BBQ. We got to spend some quality time with my nephew, Caiden, who is Mr. Super Cuteness, and a bunch of aunts, uncles + cousins that I do not get the chance to see often. We had a blast! On Sunday, I have softball in the city + above are some snaps from the storm that rolled in Sunday afternoon. We had a severe warning with 90+ hour winds, potential hail + “deadly” lighting (quoting the Weather Channel). The city mostly got slammed with some wind as the storm traveled south, but when we went out the ‘burbs (which is where JP lives) we saw some massive wind damage to her town + were very glad we missed it! And, then of course as we shuffle the pups back + forth from the burbs to the city, it’s always fun when the pups get tied up in the back seat…this time the culprit was a crafy fitted sheet! Poor Chance! How was your weekend? Are you saving up your 4th of July celebrating for this weekend or did you get a chance to relax with friends or family this past weekend?


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