Project 25: Summertime + Holidays

This summer has been filled with activities and fun but I’m seeing my weight creep up at an alarming weight. Between festivals, pride, concerts and family gatherings, I’ve hit my all-time highest weight because I haven’t been watching my food intake and I’ve been hitting the booze (beer). I’ve been running pretty consistently but I must stress that eating the right foods, definitely make a bigger impact that consistent exercise.

So, I’m struggling more on the food side but doing right with exercise. I’ve been debating joining Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, but really want to do this by myself. I know that eating the right foods is a lifestyle change, and I’m hoping that when JP goes back to school, I really be forced to make better decisions because I’ll be eating alone a lot and responsible for what we both eat. I’ve been Pinning a lot of healthy recipes and exercise routines on Pinterest, but still find myself sluggish once I get home. It also doesn’t help that the heat is like over 100 degrees here in Chicago.

I’ve dropped out of Run Club mostly because I had a back injury, then pulled the tendon in my calf and now it’s over 100 degrees outside, but I have been running pretty consistently on the treadmill, save the last week. I’m looking forward to Fall already, isn’t that terrible? Because I’m just over the heat and I’m ready for more moderate temperatures and the color of changing leaves. How’s your summer going so far?

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