Lazy Weekends

That title is a bit misconceiving. JP and I did not have a lazy weekend, but it seems as if my pup Ella had! We headed up to Six Flags Great America on Saturday for some roller coaster riding and were able to walk right up to the Viper roller coaster and another right after that. It was a hot, hot Saturday so I suggested we hit up some water rides and we got drenched on the Roaring Rapids…LOVED it. Our last ride of the day was the Batman and I got super nauseous from it … luckily it started spritzing rain so we peaced on outta that park! I think I’m still recovering from it.

Regardless, here are some cute pics of my min pin from the past week … she’s a looker, I tell ya!

Oh and best news? I learned how to do watermarks in Photoshop. I’m getting there people! Pretty soon I’ll be photo shopping sharks walking in the desert and other cool things like that…psh!


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