source: Olympic Comittee web search

I’ve had such a busy week last week at work. We had a ton of events and I’ve just been pooped out, so to say. But great news is that the summer 2012 Olympics have started in London! Have you checked out any of the events recently? JP and I were glued to the 400 IM race with Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte facing off, a battle that Lochte won and Phelps didn’t even medal in. We also spied some women’s gymnastics and a disappointing finish for the heart of the USA team Jordyn Weiber not even placing for the all-around event.

One of my favorite moments though came yesterday morning watching women’s basketball where Australia battled France in tournament play. Down by 3 points with 3 seconds left in regulation time, Aussie veteran guard, Belinda Snell launched a shot up beyond the half court line with two defenders on her … banking her shot and sending her team into OT. Australia eventually lost by 4 points as France advanced in the tournament.


Other great sports to watch? USA women’s soccer as this inspiring team tries to regain momentum after their heartbreaking World Cup loss in 2011. And Abby Wambach is reason enough to watch, of course. I adore her! Yesterday I also caught some USA women’s volleyball v. Brazil. It’s interesting that the Brazilians go by their first names on their jerseys and when the announcers speak about them. An announcer said it’s mainly because that’s what they go by in their culture, but also because their names are actually like 5 names long … so that helps too.

Have you watched any of the Olympics? Any teams or sports you are especially rooting for?


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