BlogHer ’13 is Hitting Chicago

I’ve been contemplating attending next year’s BlogHer conference but am really intimidated as a blogging newbie. And by newbie, I mean I haven’t grown my blog into an all-around brand like Young House Love, Making It Lovely, and Centsational Girl who are all amazing bloggers (or teams of bloggers like John + Sherry) who have built a brand around their blog and are pretty well-known as subject matter experts in the blogging world. But isn’t that the point of the BlogHer conferences? To learn from the best so that when you return home, you can start putting many of their great pointers and experience to work on your own personal blog brand?

Next year’s conference will be hosted in my home town of Chicago. That equals no excuse not to attend because I don’t have to fly anywhere, don’t have to spend the night in a hotel and I can basically have the security blanket of my city to experience this conference all my own. I’m nervous though, to meet and greet and to attend by myself. Is that weird? Any advice from anyone who has attended a BlogHer conference or other blogging conferences before?


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