New Beginnings

I feel like I’m always starting a new health kick or new work out plan without much success and very little support. But I have planned to start back up on my Couch to 10K program which puts me through 13 weeks of walk/run intervals. I’m on Week 1, Day 2….don’t get so excited. Also, with my new move to the ‘burbs and JP’s first day of nursing school started yesterday, I realize that I have more alone time. I should be doing something better with myself while she’s busy learning and making her career better. So, with a new work out routine, I’m also, albeit, slowly, starting to eat better.

It’s amazing that already after only a few days of eating meals prepared at home, that I feel better, am less tired, and have a tad bit more energy. I should start including a daily vitamin and making coffee at home, but baby steps, right? I hope to get into a routine where I’m still having fulfilled days, even though many of my activities (ok, most) will be solo. Activities like fall sports, sewing class/tutorials, new workout classes, playing around with Photoshop more and trying out some Pinterest recipes fill my mind of worthy activities that I’d like to try.

Have you tried any neat activities to fill your solo time? I’d love to hear about them!


Tell me somethin' good ...

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