In the world of Netflix …

Before all of my favorite shows start back up this fall, I’ve been hitting up Netflix for some oldies like Dawson’s Creek (Team Pacey!!), newbies like Drive (Helllooo Ryan Gosling) and everything in between like Keith with Jesse McCartney and even Parks and Recreation (obsessed!).

Well, I stumbled on Lost and thought that I’d give that a try. I knew there was a cult following back in 2004 when the show was a hit, so I really wanted to just give it a try. I was picturing Gilligan’s Island with a bigger, Party of Five -like cast (hello, Matthew Fox) and boy was I wrong. First of all there are like 25 episodes in the first season alone and this show is 1 hour long. There are 120 episodes on Netflix for all 6 seasons … if you’re good at math that’s 5 days … STRAIGHT.. to get through all of the episodes. To quote my favorite buddy Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

source: Touchstone Television

I dove in telling myself that I’d at least give it a try, even through the menacing Smoke Monster, kidnappings by The Others and the entirely Sci-Fi vibe that I didn’t even know about and now I’m stuck watching this train wreck …10 episodes in. I honestly didn’t know it was a sci-fi show, I thought it was a night time soap opera about people stranded on a deserted island … Gilligan’s Island meets Gossip Girl meets Lord of the Flies. Now the plot is getting more ridiculous as the episodes go on (I’m at the part where Aussie Claire is about to have her baby and the group just learned that Ethan from The Others has infiltrated their group and kidnapped her), and I’ve heard the plot gets even crazier, that now I’m just stuck watching this hot mess. And I can’t stop. Was anyone addicted to this show way back in the day? Any other shows that you can’t get enough of?


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