Ahoy! Birthday Fun!

Today is JP’s 33rd birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!) and this past weekend we got out to enjoy some of the last bit of summer weather before the coldness starts coming in the next few weeks (I’m still hoping we ride this weather out all the way through Halloween!). The first bit of birthday fun was Saturday night dinner, where I tried really hard to plan a surprise dinner two weeks prior. I’m terrible with secrets/surprises and usually spoil them prior to because I’m so excited for them to happen and so impressed with my planning skills, that I just want it to happen NOW. And then, it’s ruined.

So I planned a birthday dinner which was originally supposed to be just me and JP at Bob Chinn’s (we’re all about trying new amazing places). I later got the idea to invite just her closest friends for a smaller surprise dinner at Wildfire. I tried to play it off like it was just her and I and I did a good job, but she knew something was up…she just didn’t know exactly what it was. It was an awesome surprise though and she was really excited to spend some time with her friends.

Then on Sunday, we hit up Urban Kayaks for some kayaking on the Chicago River which was on her bucket list for 2012 activities. We scored a Groupon a few weeks before and hopped in a tandem kayak for a 2 hour tour (cue Gilligan’s Island theme music) around the river to view some of the city’s architectural feats. The weather was perfect, and we even found an ADORABLE park on our walk to the kayak place where we took a few bday snaps. After we learned how to maneuver the kayak, everything went great and we didn’t get hit by a tour boat cruising by or capsize. SUCCESS!  We would love to kayak again, maybe next year, but this time sans group tour!

What have you guys been up to? I’ve also been battling a killer cold from my first trip out to some career fairs! Total germ pool!


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