Eating Clean

My co-worker has been doing great on “eating clean” and working out. After weighing myself this morning and clocking in at 210 lbs, I’ve been looking into what eating clean actually means. Is anyone else familiar with eating clean?

The premise is pretty basic, and it seems my co-worker ties eating clean with Weight Watchers points, which helps her keep track of her daily allotments easier. It’s been an inspiration to see her turn her eating habits around. Some bullet points on eating clean:

  • Eat 6 small meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 small snacks
  • Eat whole grains + complex carbs
  • Buy fresh foods and fill your fridge with them
  • Eat as many fruits + vegetables as you’d like
  • Eat lean meats, chicken + fish – stay away from processed or fatty meats
  • Avoid foods with white flour, sugar + sugar substitutes, saturated fats and trans fats
  • Bring small bags of unsalted nuts with you as a snack
  • Give yourself a cheat day but in moderation
  • Avoid alcohol + soft drinks

Like I said, pretty basic. The website had a great tip that if you want to stay away from fatty, processed foods, then you should fill your fridge and cabinets with the fresh/good for you stuff – you’ll be forced to eat what you have.  I’m really worried about all of the upcoming travel I have coming up and hoping that I can find great foods options while on the road!


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