Eat: Saugatuck, MI

So in this Eat section, I’ll talk a little about the food we ate while in Saugatuck, MI for our friend’s wedding two weeks ago. When JP and I rolled into town, we quickly settled into our B & B and still had plenty of time before the ceremony started. So, we decided to head to downtown Saugatuck – in which we were actually on the hunt for a card because we forgot to pack the present we were giving the brides. Blame it on the 1 PM touchdown my flight had that same morning. After making a pit stop at a local pharmacy in downtown (we’re talking mom and pop pharmacy), we headed out on the busy downtown area and were delighted with all of the super cute shops and rainbow friendly flags in the windows of most of the businesses. It’s a quaint little lakeside town that happens to be gay-friendly and we’re on board with that.

We had spotted a pizza place while looking for parking, so decided to just walk there from the pharmacy. We spotted a fudge shop and of course has to make a stop! (we adore fudge) Kilwin’s Chocolates are such a hit in Saugatuck that there are actually 2 stores on the same street within steps of each other. After drooling over the many selections, we settled on a half slice of chocolate walnut fudge and a half slice of turtle fudge. They were amazing! We were also able to sample some of their homemade caramel which was also amazing.  They also had “bear claws” for $7.95 which really reminded me a crab/turtle hybrid but looked holy moly delicious with chocolate covering caramel and cashews.

Bear Claws at Kilwin’s Chocolates

We didn’t grab a bear claw, but made a mental note for our next visit! (By the way – Saugatuck was so charming. We had heard TONS of positive feedback from our friends that have vacationed there but seeing it for ourselves was a really neat treat! Hopefully, we can return there soon for a vacation!) We also spotted a cute shout out to our friends Mary and Kristi on their wedding, right in the heart of the down town area! Super cute and what a great welcome from this small town!

Congrats to the bride to be’s!

After Kilwins, we were back on pace for the restaurant we spotted earlier and found it a few blocks away, tucked neatly on a small sidestreet. Scooter’s pizza drew us in for the perfect lunchtime snack. JP and I shared some mozzarella sticks and then we split a small 8″ Hawaiian pizza. The pizza was fire roasted and was absolutely delicious. The restaurant was extremely cute and you could tell the owners took pride in their pizzeria. Sorry, no snaps of the pizza. We gobbled it right up and headed out to get ready for the wedding.

The last eatery I’ll highlight was a our breakfast at the Twin Gables B & B. This was the first time either of us stayed at a B & B, and it was definitely an interesting experience. Our room was called the Champagne Room (no naughty thoughts!) and was the biggest room on the property – I was able to snatch a Groupon for a 1 night stay at the B & B with a total cost of $97. Score! We had a king bed and even a sitting area with a couch! The ceilings were so high and they had a cute little bathroom for us to get ready in, in our room. It was definitely a new experience though, being that our room was right off of the main entry way into the property.

When we woke up the morning after the wedding, we got ready and headed out to breakfast – about 6 steps from our room into their sun room where other patrons were already eating. The B & B provided a delicious cranberry breakfast cake, coffee, OJ and fresh fruit. After the cake came a cheese and artichoke quiche which was also really good. We kept reading about the amazing breakfast in the little notebook that is left in the room so that everyone that stays can write down what they did and liked about the B & B and area – so we were very happy to find that the breakfast WAS very good!

Breakfast at Twin Gables Inn

All in all we had a terrific trip with lots of great times and great food! Can’t wait to make our way back when the weather gets warmer!


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