Death by Sugar

I don’t know what my problem is lately. Maybe it’s the cold fall weather, the hibernation mode kicking in … but seriously, I have zero motivation to do ANYTHING lately. Exercise? Psh – I’m a pro at packing my gym bag, driving to work with it, bringing it into my office and talking myself out of a work out, promising that I’ll do it when I get home. BAH!! Fat joke. I get home and again – nada.

I’ve been in a mood for sugary foods galore, also. I bought three massive bags of Halloween candy from Target the other day because it looked good and was 70% off. I agreed to pick up a massive pumpkin pie at Costco because I wanted to engulf the entire thing. And I’ve had Frosted Flakes for dinner the past two nights – in a row. WHAT! All this sugar and no exercise isn’t good for anybody. Especially when I have a wedding in 8 months.  So, now I’m on a sugar high right before bed and have consumed tons of sweets during the day. Let’s hope it’s just the season settling in!

Anyone else hittin up the sweets or any other treats this fall?  Peppermint mocha’s are back!


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