Netflix Addiction

Hi my name is Ashley and I’m addicted to Netflix.

Seriously, ever since we hooked up my Wii to the bedroom and can access Netflix in the living room and bedroom, I’ve been hooked – that and since JP has been in school and I need stuff to fill my time with. I’ve been catching up on TV series that I’ve wanted to watch and haven’t and have already made it through all six seasons of Lost (it got weird and lost my interest so I couldn’t really finish it but for awhile it sucked up my entire life for a billion episodes at 42 minutes each .. yikes), then I plowed through Parks and Recreation (obsessed. Love, love, love this show!), and now I’m immersed in The Office. Right now I’m on Season 5 for The Office, and I’m completely obsessed with it.

I’ve always loved The Office, catching episodes here and there but had never watched the series in order. I did see the Pam and Jim wedding episode in real time and seriously re-wound like 5 times while watching it on Netflix. It’s the best wedding episode on any TV show ever, and I LOVE Jim and Pam…one of the best TV couples ever.

I have Dawson’s Creek up soon, which I’ve actually watched in real time in 2000 (I’ve always been on Team Pacey), and will probably re-watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer too. SMG is the bomb. Love her. Do you have any show recommendations?


Tell me somethin' good ...

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