Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Are you a Twihard? I’m not super hardcore but I do love me some Twilight and was super excited to finally see the final installment of the series in movie form. If you’re not familiar with Twilight, or have been living in outer space for the past 4 years, the entire series follows a mortal high school girl named Bella Swan and her love story with an immortal heart-throb Edward Cullen. Bella is your everyday, awkward teenage girl who finds herself the center of attraction for the 100 year old vampire (and resident swoon-worthy sweetheart) Edward. With perfect everything, kind eyes, and an unimaginable thirst for Bella’s blood – Edward does everything in his power to be around Bella, woo her, keep her safe, and spend the rest of his life with her.

The first three movies followed their awkward first moments of interaction, Bella’s discovery of Edward’s secret life of being a vampire, Edward’s disappearance from Bella’s life, and eventual marriage between the two lovers. The final book and movie rounds out their tale in an epic battle with the Volturi – the merciless governing vampire council.



Up to this point, Eclipse had been my favorite of all of the previous 4 movies – with Edward coming back for Bella and just an overall better part of the tale. Admittedly I had struggled through Breaking Dawn when I read it a few years ago. I can normally whip through books fairly quick and finished the other three books in 2 days time each. But it took me about 6 months to get through Breaking Dawn and I’m not really sure if it’s because deep down I didn’t want the story to be over or if the book actually did just drag on. So, I was really hoping that the movies would be a million times better than the books and put them in a new light that I failed to see the first time around.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 was good – the ending was actually great with Bella dying in childbirth and then the last scene cuts to her eyes opening with bright red irises. In Breaking Dawn Part 2, we continue the adventure of Bella’s new found strength and abilities as a vampire, and protecting her daughter at all costs – even though they are unaware of what she is (human? vampire? hybrid?). When the Volturi get wind of Renesmee’s birth, they seek to destroy the Cullen clan and the child because vampire children are a danger to humans, immortals and basically the world – their volatile, uncontrollable, and stuck in a child’s body of the rest of eternity. Needless to say, the Volturi can’t stand them and want to make sure that no vampires bite children (or make vampire children) or they’ll suffer death at the hands of the Volturi.

Bella, Edward and the rest of the Cullens seek help from their other families (other covens that live similar- serene lives as the Cullens) to just serve as witness to Renesmee, so that they can speak on the fact that she is not an immortal child but does, in fact, have warm blood pumping through her veins. Bella and Edward discover that Renesmee grows very rapidly and the only other known case of a child born from a vampire and human relations lives to be over 150 years old and reached full maturity at age 7.

source: Summit Entertainment

I think Mackenzie Foy shines as Renesmee. I worried that it be weird with another character so close to Bella and Edward’s love story but she just completely enhances it and gives the character maturity and innocence all in the same breath. I also felt that they didn’t overdo the Jacob imprinting on Renesemee part too much, so that it wasn’t as uncomfortable for a grown man to be so “in love” with a child from the start. In the movie it was portrayed with Jacob more in a big-brother type position, even though he was ALWAYS around. And with Jacob’s imprinting on Renesmee, that means his pack of wolves are on the Cullen’s side which makes the fight even better against the Volturi.

Also in the movie, there was a surprise fighting scene between the Cullens and their families versus the Volturi and their followers. In the book it was merely described of “what could happen” should Aro choose to fight the Cullens but the movie actually played it all out in real-time, only snapping back at the very end to reveal that it was one of Alice’s premonitions that she showed to Aro. Super cool!

Anyways, kind of sad to see the saga wrap up completely but it was a great ending to an awesome tale of love between Bella and Edward. There was also a pretty neat send off for all of the characters over all 5 movies (yes, including BOTH Victorias) that you should stick around for right before the credits roll. Did you see any good movies over the Thanksgiving holiday? There are more that I’ve been eyeing up including the new one with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence!


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