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I’m going to switch it up today with some reviews on movies I picked up at Redbox over the weekend. It was a gloomy and cold weekend which was a perfect time to curl up on the couch and take in some quality TV time. I’m a sucker for comedies, especially those with Will Ferrell or Vince Vaughn so I scooped up The Campaign starring Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. I also just weened myself off of The Office on Netflix (ok, I totes made it through all 8 seasons on Netflix) so anything with Steve Carrell was also on my to-watch list, so I picked up Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. And lastly I was looking for a good Christmasy movie and thought Arthur Christmas might be a good choice since James McAvoy does the voice over for the lead character and I heart James McAvoy (have you seen Becoming Jane?!).

The Campaign (2012) – This movie follows the ridiculousness behind a senator race in Hammond, NC where Will Ferrell’s character Cam Brady is the epitome of snooty political folly. Cam has run unopposed in his role as state senator for the past few races and merely has to “show up” to win his race, however he finds himself in an adulterous scandal that threatens to ruin his run in the senate race – not that he cares…he likes to gloat about his romps with his mistress. In comes Cam’s rival Marty Huggins – the eccentric son of a local politician and current Director of Tourism in Hammond, Marty over goes an image re-vamp courtesy of Dylan McDermott, his campaign manager in a fight to take on Cam’s power over the state and a potential of erecting a Chinese sweatshop in NC to cut down on jobs and create a cheap labor market for product made by the Motch Brothers (Dan Akroyd and John Lithgow).

Overall the movie was ok. Even by Ferrell standards it was very raunchy and kind of dragged on in parts. McDermott shined as the creepy campaign manager of Huggins and Galifianakis is hilarious with a semi-similarity of the character he played in Due Date – a heterosexual male with definite oozing feminine characteristics. Quite hilarious! It’s a decent movie to rent but wasn’t over the top hilarious like I was hoping. Great movie to zone out to!

Arthur Christmas (2011) – Arthur Christmas is a cartoon movie that follows the “Claus” family and their journey 1 Christmas night.  Arthur is the son of Santa and Santa is a family business. At some point in time a new Santa rises up from the ranks of the family brood as the old Santa retires and enjoys idle days in a recliner watching the excitement of Christmas night unfoil. Steve (voiced by Hugh Laurie), Arthur’s older brother, oversees the operations of Christmas night – which is a highly technical operation with the elves finding unique ways to deploy in a city and deliver presents in a timely manner. Santa makes a guest appearance at 1 or two houses per city but overall the elves do most of the work.  Arthur, voiced by James McAvoy, LOVES Christmas and Santa Claus. He’s in charge of the Letters Department and answers all of the letters that come to the North Pole from little children’s Christmas wishes. He’s also awkward and clumsy and wouldn’t make the best choice for the next Santa in the eyes of the family because – he’s just Arthur. However, when the Santa Operation misses 1 child on Christmas night – who will come to save the day and not crush the holiday hopes of this child?

This was a great film and an even better one for the family. Humorous with lovable characters and a great storyline it provides an updated glimpse into the magic of the North Pole. Definitely rent-worthy!

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) – Steve Carrell and Keira Knightly star in this film about the end of the world as Earth has 3 weeks until a major asteroid hits and demolishes the planet. Dodge is a middle aged man, who after his wife leaves him upon hearing news of the end of the world, sets out to figure out what to do with his last 3 weeks of his life. He continues to still go to work (an insurance company), even tho the streets are filled with crazed people, and then sets out to find a lost love of his past. On the way he stumbles upon is neighbor, a 20 something Brit named Penny who is having relationship issues of her own and just wants to get home to spend the last few days with her family in England. The problem is that all planes are grounded and there’s no way to get her home.

Throughout this adventure, they come across some interesting people (especially those sex-crazed waiters at a local restaurant Friendsys!) and end up spending their last few days as each other’s companion. But can Dodge really find love in the midst of all this choas?

This movie was good overall. My biggest problem was just the age gap between Carrell and Knightly. He ends up being a love interest and I’m not really sure that’s believable – but hey its the end of the world, who am I to judge. I think my biggest problem with the flick was just the content. End of the world stuff creeps me out and the ending of this film certainly did just that. It’ll make you sad and want to visit with the people in your life because life is short – so maybe you should watch this with some company so you don’t feel so alone.

source: Mandate Pictures/Indian Paintbrush

Well, I hope these help the next time you’re looking for a good movie to bring home!


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