Up to Nothing

I’m not sure what’s going on with you guys, but we’ve been up to nothing. JP just cranked out her finals for her first semester in nursing school and even though it was a very stressful week, with a few tears shed, she passed with flying colors and can settle into her month-long break for the holidays. Thank god! With a full-time work schedule (she’s one of two students working full-time and doing the accelerated nursing program) plus 4 hour long class during the week and 8 hour clinicals on the weekend – this chica could use a break. Yesterday we settled into the couch and she looks at me and says, “This is weird – relaxing.”  I’m hoping she can enjoy it before her winter semester starts.

Other than that, we’d been prepping for Christmas and getting those last minute presents – it’s always fun to buy for others. We started our wedding registry which is fun because I totes want EVERYTHING and Jocelyn is the word of reason (opposite of our Christmas shopping experiences), and we also had a fun weekend trip to our wedding venue last Sunday, found the hotel that we want to stay at for the weekend and also found an awesome venue for our rehearsal dinner – trust … it’s going to be F.U.N.

Just another day picking up necessities at the store!

Just another day picking up necessities at the store!

JP finally got some glasses (the girl wears contacts 24/7) to help rest her eyes – doesn’t she look dreamy in them? I love it!

JP's new frames!

JP’s new frames!

Then there are these cuties:


Ella + Chance: Sibling love.

Ella + Chance: Sibling love.

This time of year is great because everything is all lit up – we’ve seen some interesting holiday decorations around town…but there’s just something about bright white Christmas lights that make the season feel all cozy. I’m dreading January when it’s just wet and cold and most the lights are down.

Beautiful Christmas tree.

Beautiful Christmas tree.

What have you been up to this month? Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping?


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