Book Review: In Search of Lucy

In Search of Lucy by author, Lia Fairchild was my first read of 2013 and my first read on my new Kindle Fire HD (which I love, by the way). The main character is Lucy Lang, who after a tumultuous upbringing by an absent father and a damaged mother – Lucy and her sister Katie were strung together forcing Lucy to grow up much faster than she had to.

Fast-forward to a 30 year old Lucy, and we find that she works at a nail salon and finds herself questioning her life/purpose, and has zero contact with either her mother or her sister. We learn that Katie became pregnant at a very young age and chose her boyfriend (now husband) – leaving Lucy behind in the dust (well, that’s how Lucy sees it).  After Katie’s husband reaches out to Lucy for help finding a donor match for Katie’s failing kidney, Lucy hops in the car with two friends on a life adventure all her own.  Will she reunite with her sister and save the day? Will she be able to find purpose of herself and closure for her relationships with her family?

The novel was a fairly easy read and Lucy was an easy character to identify with. Anyone with some broken family bonds can definitely relate. Her friendships with her wacky neighbors and her car ride adventures across the country were humorous. The only part that didn’t really fit for me was her quick relationship with her former high school classmate turned potential boyfriend, Ryan (I think that was his name?). Parts of the book were really eye-roll predictable but it is a feel-good tale wrapped in some sort of believable human reality. Decent, quick read if that’s what you’re looking for.

Because I have Amazon Prime free for 30 days, I was able to read it for free by “borrowing” it from the readers library – so enjoy it for free if you have Amazon Prime membership!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: In Search of Lucy

  1. Thank you for posting this! I’m always being recommended challenging books, but sometimes all I want is an easy feel good story like this to snuggle up with. I love your honest review as well 🙂 Daisy

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