Drab to Fab

If you follow me on Twitter @shlee83, you know that I spent some time at the hair salon finally pampering my locks over last weekend. It was definitely needed, I have been surviving on snips from Hair Cuttery as I try to grow my hair out a bit before my wedding in July. I haven’t had it highlighted for a looooong time. Like I can’t remember the last time, long time. After a bunch of complaining, JP surprised me with a gift certificate to Mario Tricoci salon and spa.  I don’t think that you need to drop hundreds of bucks to have your hair done all the time. But you can COMPLETELY tell the difference when you get your hair done at a high-end salon versus the Hair Cuttery (not that there’s anything bad with the HC). And I was THRILLED to have my hair done without having to worry about the price.

I started with all over highlights in as blonde as they would let me go. I naturally have strawberry blonde hair which has grown more red over the years. I can’t stand it. I love it when my hair is bright and light! After the highlighting session, I was handed over to a hair stylist who went to town trimming my hair, giving me long bangs and even showing me how to put beachy curls in my hair. After wards I just felt so great and was in love with my new hair do! After time, I’m hoping to get the hang of how she styled my hair, but just enjoyed a day out looking fabulous!



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