Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook

Ever since I first saw the previews of Silver Linings Playbook and that it starred Katniss Everdeen Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, I knew I wanted to see it. Then I heard that it was up for a ton of movie awards, and knewwwww it had to be good. We were finally able to carve out some time this past Saturday night to have date night which included JP’s first time at a hibachi restaurant (she loved it) and a movie.

I honestly wasn’t sure what SLP was supposed to be about, but was pleasantly surprised that it dealt with a very serious topic (bi-polar, depression) wrapped in some warm comedy from Robert DeNiro, Lawrence and Cooper.  Cooper’s character is Pat Solatano who is a substitute history teacher who spends 8 months in a psych ward after a fall-out from finding his wife (also a teacher) in the shower with the history teacher. Pat literally beats the crud out of the history teacher and begins his downward spiral, where he discovers that he’s been suffering from bi-polar disorder for some time.

Pat’s mom comes to retrieve him from the psych ward and bring him home where he continues his obsession with his estranged wife Nikki. Everything he does revolves around wanting to talk to her, to show her he’s changed (clearly he hasn’t), and in turn he stumbles upon Lawrence’s character Tiffany who, after her husband dies tragically, is just as messed up as him.  The rest of the movie really focuses on Pat’s attempt to find “silver linings” in any situation, which he adds to his “playbook” to be a more positive person. Part of that includes working out and taking better care of himself and I serrrrriously could not get over him running around with the garbage bag over him. Reminded me of Rocky Balboa.

source: The Weinstein Company, Mirage Enterprises

This movie was amazing. It was funny when it needed to be and not over-the-top funny, but subtle and quirky and I loved it. Lawrence and Cooper were an amazing pairing and I loved watching their journey through the movie together and hoping and praying that they both find some sanity in their lives – preferably together. A great movie for date night – the guys will love DeNiro and Pat’s family and stuggle. The gals will love Cooper and watching what transpires between Lawrence and Cooper’s characters.  Go see this flick!



2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook

  1. Just about loved the movie from start to finish and even though it does get a bit conventional by the end, I still can’t lie and say that I didn’t have a big grin on my face the whole time. Good review.

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