Super Bowl Sunday

Did you join millions of Americans across the nation to catch the Super Bowl last night? Whether you’re a football fan or a fan of the 49ers or Ravens (or not) – it’s always a great excuse to host some guests over at your home or even hunker down and have a nice night in with your family. Plus, the commercials are always more interesting than the game itself. JP and I had two friends over for food and to watch the game and it was a nice, relaxing night in. We made soooo much food – but it all ended up working out great. We had chili, buffalo chicken dip, veggie tray with spinach dip, bacon and water chestnuts, brownies and tons of snacks. All very yummy.

The commercials were ok – I think there were two obvious “awwww” moment ones for everyone:

Budweiser’s Clydesdale Commercial:

Ram’s Paul Harvey, God Made a Farmer Commercial:

Some funny ones that I enjoyed:

Taco Bell’s Viva Young Commercial:

Doritos’ Fashionista Daddy Commercial:

Toyota’s Rav4 Wish Granted Commercial:


Overall, it was a pretty fun night. I hope you enjoyed the game and had some favorite commercials of your own? Any that you really liked or hated?


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