Book Review: Beautiful Creatures

I first heard about Beautiful Creatures by watching it’s trailer during my Vampire Diaries weekly broadcast. I never usually watch commercials since we DVR everything, but my remote got stuck and I was forced into 3 minutes of non-TV show entertainment. I thought the trailer for Beautiful Creatures looked super interesting and when I looked up more information on the movie, I saw that it was actually based on a book by the same name penned by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl – both who received their education in writing, teaching, etc. Because I’m such a huge fan of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Hunger Games, which are also all based on novels and turned into movies – I thought this had potential to fill that empty space now that the Twi-movies are over and I’m anxiously waiting another 10 months for the next Katniss Everdeen flick.

Beautiful Creatures is about a teenage boy named Ethan Wate, whose life turns upside down when a mysterious girl enters his high school, named Lena. Lena is the niece of the haunting town hermit Macon Ravenwood, and is a complete outsider to everyone in their high school. She’s beautiful and mysterious and dark and nothing like the “Stepford” type of teens that normally rule the school. Ethan, part of the popular crowd mainly because he’s on the basketball team finds himself haunted by strange dreams and music and finds it all leads back to Lena.

We discover that Lena (and her entire family) are not “mortals” but are Casters (aka witches) – all with special abilities and powers. On Lena’s 16th birthday, she will be Claimed either Light or Dark (essentially good or evil) and is torn up by the probability that she may go Dark and not be the same Lena as she has always been. Ethan and Lena go on a journey to find out more about Lena’s family history and the mystery that surrounds her Claiming, looking for a loophole that will guarantee that she will turn Light. During the novel, we also find out that Lena is a Natural and that she essentially is a very powerful Caster. Her mother, who she thought was originally dead, is actually the most powerful Dark Caster, Sarrafine – who is hell bent on having her daughter join the dark side (Darth Vader, anyone?).

The overall novel itself wasn’t bad. It was no Vampire Diaries (best TV show ever – worst book ever), but it was also no Twilight. It’s an interesting tale where you’ll wish Lena to have her wish to turn Light fulfilled – especially after you meet her Dark relatives. The story wasn’t as romantic as I’d like to see – it was verging on whining annoyance at times. I liked the relationship with Lena and her relatives. It was mysterious and intriguing to learn more about them and all of their powers.

I have a feeling this may be one of those the movie is better than the book type of thing. The movie looked dark and haunting and was powered by some electric graphics. Emmy Rossum is gorgeous and I’m so excited to see her as Lena’s Dark cousin Ridley and Emma Thompson as the dark and powerful Sarrafine. And I absolutely love Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine – I loved it when I first got the album and I love it even more that it’s tied to such a dark tale.


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