Wedding Update

I figured I would give my lovely readers an update on where JP and I are at on planning our July nuptials.  Well, not much progress has been made. I feel like the complete opposite of a Bridezilla…consider me Carefreezilla. I have this crazy image that everything will get completed in time … but I can also be a big procrastinator at times too … so yeah.

We have made some progress:

  • Booked all major vendors (caterer, venue, DJ, photographer)
  • Selected our dinner menu
  • Booked our rehearsal dinner space
  • Booked a room block at a preferred hotel
  • Purchased wine (tons of it)
  • Created our guest list
  • Created and mailed our Save the Dates
  • Created our verbiage for our invitations
  • Purchased our paper stock for the invitations (and envelopes)
  • Selected our color scheme
  • Selected our bridal party
  • Contacted a linen company
  • Contacted a bartender (even though our first one fell through)

We haven’t made much hedge-way through the decoration process and we will have lots to create since we want to do a lot of DIY elements. I’m hoping as the weather gets warmer and we can leverage our nice big patio, that we will get working on that. We still need to work on the actual invitations and have them packaged and mailed (my early May), select our outfits for the big day, book hair/make up, create other paper materials (dinner menu, program, placecards), purchase the rest of our alcohol, purchase our wedding bands and much much more. Sheesh, even listing that out made me want to throw up … I know we have a TON to do still.  Somedays, I really wish we had a planner so she can stay on top of it for ME. But that’s just the “lazy” talking.

I see inspiration everywhere and love going onto Pinterest to find things that we could use to decorate for our reception. We just really haven’t dove into the actual purchase/creation aspect of everything. I’m hoping we get there soon though … we do only have 5 months left. Yikes! I have found some cute ideas on Pinterest, that I thought I’d share with any DIY brides out there:





source: @Offbeat Bride




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