Eat: The Ivy

Hi lovies I hope you had a terrific Valentine’s Day yesterday with yourself or your loved one. I had a most wonderful day yesterday with JP and was so excited to have a nice dinner out with her! (I apologize in advance for no photos – it was a very nice restaurant and I was worried about taking a flash picture during the meal. Fail.) Anyways, we made reservations via Open Table for a new restaurant that we received a recommendation from JP’s co-worker about called The Ivy in a nearby suburb of Wheaton, IL.

We weren’t really sure what to expect – there’s no photos of the restaurant online and we had never been there before. When we arrived we easily found street parking on the cute little downtown area of Wheaton and walked about a half of a block to the restaurant. Once inside, it immediately had a warm, cozy feeling to it. Wood paneling around the rooms, very high ceilings – the main dining room actually looked like it used to be a church with a large stain glass window and an organ tucked away in the corner. We also realized that it was actually two levels with another dining room and seating area up on the second floors (which is where the bathrooms were). The tables were full but we intermittently spotted an empty table or two throughout the night, so it wouldn’t be hard just walking in for dinner. The crowd was an interesting mix of older, established couples mixed with 20 and 30 somethings around the dining room.

We had a great waiter who promptly wished us a Happy Valentine’s Day and we even had a guitar player and violinist stop by our table to play Eric Clapton’s “Beautiful Tonight” for us … very romantic!

For dinner we decided to get a bottle of white wine – a Reisling (looove) and it was delicious! I can’t remember the name of it but it was very crisp and light and lightly sweet and just yum all around! We settled on the crab cakes for an appetizer which came out in 4 tiny cakes drizzled with a remoulade sauce and served with a small balsamic tossed greens. They were delicious! Nice and warm and lightly toasted – very nice start to our meal. I also ordered a simple salad with our meal and we were also served a warm loaf of bread with butter – which the butter seemed infused with something sweet, that we couldn’t quite put or finger on (we bounced around orange and cranberry) but it was really good regardless!

For the entree I picked the petite filet mignon with jumbo shrimp – which was also served with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes. The mignon and shrimp were drizzled with butter scampi sauce. I swear the steak was the best one I’ve ever had. It was cooked medium-well perfectly and had such a great flavoring to it and it wasn’t hard to chew. The shrimp were not rubbery and were large and tasty and I practically devoured my meal.

JP went for the gorgonzola crusted NY Strip steak service with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes. I had a chance to taste her steak and loved it too. The crust on the steak was so tasty and it all just melted in your mouth!

We also decided to go for it and get desert and we split a very yummy banana caramel bread pudding that was perfection. The bananas were lightly drizzled with caramel, and there were also toasted pecans scattered all over the bread pudding. I ate my entire piece of it. Freaking yum. Then, compliments of the chef – we each received a chocolate dipped strawberry. Perfection.

To say we had a terrific meal is an understatement. We were so happy with our food, and although we chowed down, I didn’t feel completely overstuffed when we left. The ambiance is really nice, and our waiter was super friendly. The food was pretty pricey – expect to drop around $50 per person if you go sans bottle of wine, but I guarantee you’ll love the food and it’s well worth it too! Bathrooms are on the second floor, which stinks to have to climb up stairs, but I did spot an elevator tucked in the back to make it accessible for patrons that cannot use the stairs.

I loved this place and would definitely return!


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