Ultimate Loser: Shoe Review

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I tried running a couch to 10K program a few years back and dropped 16 lbs in 6 weeks. Yep…it was awesome. Although I’ve always hated running, I’ve found that it’s the only exercise that really shows me results … and I’m not going to lie, I do usually feel better afterwards. Like I climbed a mountain or something. I begged for some Nike Free shoes last year to replace my usual and boring running shoes. When I run I switch up my shoes – and I’m not really good at replacing them because I think they feel better if they’re worn in.

A few months ago, JP and I spotted gray and neon green shoes on clearance at a local sports equipment store. She nabbed a pair that she liked which were Nike+ shoes where you can link up to your iPod and mine were the newer version of the Nike Free shoe – which has a slimmer build.


Fun story about these shoes – when I first purchased them I accidently snipped the laces on the right shoe, so now I have to tie them in a tiny bow on the right had side of the upper tongue – or get new laces. But it works.  The first 2-3 times I wore them, they hurt. I have thicker hands and feet (ie. “meaty paws)  compliments of my father, so the narrower version of these shoes squeezed my toes and sometimes made my feet numb after wearing them for a workout. Not good, if you’re running. But after the first few times with them on, I’ve found that they have stretched a bit to make room for my toes and now aren’t too tight.

They are much thinner than my original pair, but I think they look great on my feet, and aren’t too bad when I run on a treadmill. I haven’t (and don’t) ventured outside to run in them yet and am not sure if they’d be a great fit for the hard pavement, but I know there are lots of runners that enjoy the slimmer shoe to give them more flexibility when they run – it can also make your feet stronger and give them a good work out too.

Personally, I think I enjoy my older, slightly thicker soled version of the Nike Free shoe. It provides a more cushioning run and is easier on my feet.

Do you have a favorite running shoe? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor runs?


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