Ultimate Loser: Week 6

Hey there – I’m here with a quick update on my past week in the Ultimate Loser Challenge my work is hosting!

I didn’t hit the workouts as hard as I wanted to but was able to squeeze in Week 4, Days 1 and 2 of my Couch to 10K running program. Day 1 was Hell. It was a 62 minute run/walk with longer runs at 2 minutes each. To say I was dying during the last 3-4 intervals is a vast understatement. But I pushed through and even though I could only do 1 minute runs during some of those intervals, I finished the run and moved on. That’s what I keep telling myself – it’s 62 minutes and you never have to do it again if you don’t want to! During Day 2 I found that voice creeping in the back of my mind trying to reason with me why it was okay if I quit 22 minutes into the run. But then I quickly changed my thought and was like, if I’ve gone this far .. what’s another 29 minutes? So it made the 52 minute Day 2 a lot easier.

I didn’t do any at home workouts and am kinda bummed about that so I’m going to focus hard on getting those completed especially since I’m traveling for work over the weekend. Working out on the road is hard, especially when it’s mixed with bad eating habits so I’m going to focus on trying to make better food decisions as well. Overall, I was pleased to find that I lost 1 lb since my last weigh in so I’m down 8.2 lbs overall. I’m feeling better, my belly is slimmer and clothes fit better. I’m hoping that next week I’ll be able to inch right under 200 lbs total (I’m at 202.4 right now).

My goals this week are to:

  • Complete 3 days of running program
  • Complete 2 at home work outs

What are your weight loss goals for the week?



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