Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

A few weeks ago I posted a book review for Beautiful Creatures, which like many teenage cult classics like Twilight and the Hunger Games has big promise to be the “next big thing.” If you remember, I thought the book was ok and thought the previews looked a lot better than the book and would blow it away. I was wrong.

The movie was difficult to follow along if you haven’t read the book. JP came and watched it with me and I felt bad and wanted to explain a lot of things to her that weren’t really talked about in the movie. They also changed some things like combine Amma and Marian into one character which makes sense for the film but was kind of strange. I’m not sure if the actors that played the leading characters (especially the guy who played Ethan) were the best actors selected for the role. It’s supposed to be this epic love story between a Caster and a human and if you can’t really find yourself rooting for them to be together, it kind of ruins that magic.

I kind of felt like I did after seeing the first Twilight film though, a little cheesy, a little disappointed, but wanting to see more. There were some high points in the film like Emmy Rossum who sizzled as Lena’s dark cousin Ridley. Emma Thompson as Mrs. Lincoln/Sarafine was epic. Her playfulness, evilness, and just overall craziness in the film was great. There were also some pretty amazing effects throughout the movie which were pretty neat. But overall, the casting kinda stunk (other than the aforementioned high notes), the writing was pretty cheesy, and it was hard to really grasp all of the points of the novel that made it special. But I think that also happens when you have a 500+ page novel and you try to turn it into a 1.5 hour long movie. I’d say wait for this one on DVD and opt out of the movie viewing. And don’t hold your breath that it will be the same as the book – there are lots of changes compared to the novel!

Some cool previews to look forward to: Oz the Great and Powerful starring James Franco and The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio look really neat. Can’t wait to see those in theater!


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