Ultimate Loser: Week 8

This was a tough past 2 weeks for my diet and exercise regime. After returning from LA and having about 3 days to acclimate back to my daily routine, I was off to Ohio with JP for a weekend visit with her family.  There are tons of yummy eats along the way and little time to actually do a good workout, so I was worried right off the bat for our 4 day adventure. Right before we left, I went for a 68 minute run/walk which was Week 5, Day 1 of my couch to 10K program. I knew I’d have to repeat it when I returned but I needed a good burn before I even launched into this weekend visit. I ran at the nice treadmills at work since they seem softer but realized that I forgot socks as soon as I was changing for the run.

Big mistake. I had my newer shoes with me that can be a bit tight to begin with but figured I’d be ok since I’ve run lots of times in my other running shoes without socks with no issues. WRONG. I was good for about 70% of the run but then my right foot started hurting pretty badly on the in-step. I seriously figured I was probably bleeding all over the place but with 20 minutes left, I just wanted to finish. By the end of the run, my left foot was aching too. I didn’t dare remove my shoes until I got home from work, where I found three massive water blisters on my right foot and a smaller water blister on my left foot. It took all weekend to heal.

Werkin' it on the treadmill. Always wear socks!

Werkin’ it on the treadmill. Always wear socks!

Do you use ElectricMile to track your running mileage? I do. It’s a handy dandy little app on my iPhone that I use to track my runs – length and time, and every week I get a report emailed to me on my weekly results. Last week I had 2 workouts, for a total of 6.35 miles and 1 hour and 34 minutes of running. It estimated that I burned 1220 calories, but we all know the calories are never accurate.

After my run, we crashed around 11:30 PM and woke up bright and early at 2:45 am to make the 6 hour drive to the middle of Ohio. We boarded our little Ella and brought Chance with us. Mr. Safety loves to wear his seatbelt when riding in the back seat. No joke, the dog gets into the seatbelt on his own.

Safety first!

Safety first!

We had a great time in Ohio, visiting with JP’s mom, dad and sister and precious Cashew. Lots of good laughs, lots of wedding decorations were purchased, and JP and her mom and sister even cranked out the major pieces for our invitations! Success!

This is a pic of an outlet mall. I took it because there's a massive ridiculous pink bunny that sits in front of this place. I missed the bunny.

This is a pic of an outlet mall. I took it because there’s a massive ridiculous pink bunny that sits in front of this place. I missed the bunny.

How did you do on last week’s workouts? Did you complete the tummy burner that I posted? If so, how did you like it? This week’s workout is targeting the thighs… let’s get to it!


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