Eat LA: Dublin’s

In accordance with St. Patrick’s Day coming up this weekend, I thought I’d hold off on one of my LA food reviews until today seeing that it was an Irish Pub, very fitting for such a big Irish-Appreciation Day!

On our first day in Los Angeles, we were famished. After a 4 hour flight and navigating to and checking into our hotel, we found ourselves seven hours later without food in our bellies. My teammates and I decided to check out the area around our hotel for potential places to eat. After getting turned around on our way to a restaurant called Bar | Kitchen, we found that it wasn’t open and we meandered back towards our hotel in search of something else.

That’s where we stumbled upon Dublin’s Pub. At first I wasn’t sure if they actually served food, but when we walked in we saw quite a handful of people scattered around at the bar and at tables with tasty looking bar food. I was actually quite surprised how many people where there mid-afternoon on a Friday having a drink. Slainte!

My team members and I seated ourselves under some large screen TVs that had soccer matches and basketball playing. Our waitress was pretty friendly, especially since we were all on work-time and ordered only waters and food. Amazingly enough, we all picked the same meal – California Chicken Club sandwich and side salad. I ordered my salad with blue cheese dressing.


The sandwich was super yummy, grilled chicken, tomato, onions, avocado and mayo nestled between two slices of Texas sized toast. I inhaled the entire thing. Maybe it was because it was yummy or maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten in 10 hours – but needless to say, that sandwich was toast. I liked the vibe of the restaurant which seemed really laid back and with the doors wide open on a warm 80 degree day, it was a perfect place to sit back, relax, have a beer and watch a game. I would recommend stopping here if you’re in downtown LA and in search of a good sports bar with yummy food.

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone! Have a safe and happy weekend! Cheers! Slainte!


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