Eat LA: LA Market by Kerry Simon

While in LA last week, my team had breakfast at the Marriott Hotel’s eat-in restaurant. It was a gorgeous hotel to begin with (I’m obsessed with Marriotts) and the restaurant, LA Market by Kerry Simon was nestled in the back of the hotel in open space. On the website they describe the cuisine as “Modern American cooking with California flair.”  The design of the restaurant was sleek and modern. The six of us were grouped at a large wooden table in the middle of the restaurant in high-boy chairs, under a canopy of sorts. It was pretty neat.

They had tons of breakfast options including my all-time favorite eggs Benedict and even a full breakfast buffet option. I opted for a basic two egg, which I took scrambled, and it came with bacon, toast and some yummy breakfast potatoes. Even though it was a pretty basic breakfast, it was very delicious! Everything was cooked perfectly well and full of some warm savory tastes. The bacon was even cooked pretty perfectly – I could have eaten an entire pan full!

Two-egg breakfast from LA Market by Kerry Simon.

Two-egg breakfast from LA Market by Kerry Simon.

The only downfall of the meal was our waitress. She was pretty new and you could tell she didn’t know how to run a table. We were low on drinks, missing items, and even couldn’t find her at various points during the meal. She tried to compensate for her service at the end by sending us all off with to-go coffees…ok, maybe that did win me back a bit.

If you’re staying in downtown LA and your hotel has a crummy eat-in restaurant, OR if you’re visiting the Staples Center or LA Live, you shouldn’t shy away from LA Market. This restaurant has great food and isn’t your typical hotel driven food. It’s great for drop-in breakfast (has a bar area) as well as has seating for large parties, as well.


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