Same Old, Same Old?

I know – I’m back to my old layout/design. Sorry about that folks. I loved the other layout but it was hard to find any social media information, recent posts, or even get a snapshot of myself up there on the top of the page since it was only a one-column layout. Snooze. I’ll probably be playing with the layout a bit the rest of this week, so please bear with me (I always want to write that as “bare with me” – completely different sentiment”.

Anyways, I have re-evaluated my weight-loss failures over the past few weeks and notched a plan that will hopefully get me through the next few months. Let’s cross those fingers! It’s only Wednesday and already this week has been a challenge. I was so busy at work on Monday and also had an AM doctor’s appointment that I didn’t have a chance to step away from my desk to get a work out in. When I got home, I was pooped, so I didn’t move from the couch then either. Yesterday I gave blood in the morning at work and attempted a run at about 3 PM that afternoon. Even though I ate lunch and post-poned my run 5 hours – I still felt woozy and was only able to get 31 minutes in – 2 miles. I really felt sick and that I was going to pass out. Not a good look. I have made it a goal for myself to at least get 6 miles of running in per week. Whether I space them out into 2 miler sessions or cranked out a 4 miler here and there with a smaller 2 miler – or gasp! Even put in more running – I at least want to conquer 6 miles. Hopefully that will help me from thinking about success less in pounds and more in miles or workouts accomplished.

What work outs do you have planned for this week? Any big runs coming up?

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2 thoughts on “Same Old, Same Old?

  1. I think you’re doing great and your goal of six miles a week is one you will surprise yourself by hitting before you know it. This week I’m running my normal short runs and then this weekend I’ll be doing 23 miles on trails (yay!). I have a half marathon in two weeks that I’m looking forward to — but really I just look forward to running – anytime!

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