Eat: Capone’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

JP and I met some friends for dinner on Friday night at an Italian restaurant/pizzeria called Capone’s in Lombard. We frequent that area usually on weekend mornings because there’s a little dinner (Main Street Cafe) that we really like, so we were excited to try something new. As you can imagine, Capone’s decor features a famous Chicago gangster, Al Capone with the walls hosting a scattering of old black and whites of Capone and some of his entourage.

They have one main dining area with 4-person tables and booths along the walls. There’s a mismatched color scheme of reds and pinks going on, and the appetizer plates were all a funky mismatched and we even spotted JP’s mom’s dishes intertwined with Capone’s mismatched plates. Their wait staff was really friendly and reminiscent of your typical Italian family-ran restaurant.  We ordered a Stella beer off-tap and it was completely skunk. Nasty. I switched to a bottle beer and JP switched to a different draft beer and hers was terrible too so she switched to bottled beer. So, word of the wise, don’t order draft beer here. They were really understanding when we sent the beers back and apologized emphatically, stating they primarily serve wine.

They had a pretty hearty menu filled with everything from pizzas to pastas to seafood. I ordered the half order of the veal parmigiana which came with a side salad. They also served warm bread for the table with butter and dipping oil, which was very good. My salad was so-so. I ordered it with blue cheese dressing that looked a little like mayo so I kind of had a hard time dipping my salad into the dressing, think I was having a side of mayo.

veal parmigiana

veal parmigiana

My half order of veal parm was delicious, though! They were served with penne noodles (store-bought) but served in a hearty portion with delicious sauce. I ate the entire thing.

A tip on if you’re thinking about hitting up this restaurant – it’s not a classy-style Italian eatery.  It’s your hometown family-style pizzeria. You’re going to find good food at a fair price with hearty portions. It wouldn’t be the first Italian restaurant on my list to return to, but it’s definitely good to eat at, especially if you’re local to the area.


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