Re-Store Visit

JP and I ventured out to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore shop a few weeks ago in search of some items we can use to decorate for our wedding. I’ve heard about ReStore from John + Sherry over at Young House Love  as they have purchased items from here before and refurbed them for renovation projects around their house. A ReStore is basically like a thrift shop for home-related items (think: doors, windows, sinks, potties, etc.) and all the proceeds go back to HFH’s efforts to build sustainable housing for those in need.

sinks at restore

sinks at restore

We were stoked to find out that a location was a mere few miles from our home and decided to scope them out to see what goods they had on hand. When you walk in, it kind of like a mini-Home Depot. Stark cement floors, items grouped by function, employees in aprons. We ventured over to the section that housed used doors because we want to use that for our ceremony and saw a plethora of doors to choose from! It would be a great place for someone looking to revamp a door for their house! They had wood-filled (think: HEAVY) doors, but we had the non-filled doors in mind for our use. Much lighter! And score! We found a matching pair for $10 a pop! WHAT! So excited!

door selection at restore

door selection at restore

They also had tons of other items including cabinets and cabinet doors, various handles, light bulbs, old appliances, etc. Most of their items were a steal of a deal and if you just put a little love into them, they would clean up quite nicely!

Have you ever been to a ReStore? What’s your favorite place to score great deals?


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