Plus and Minus

So this past week I was able to meet my own goal of running at least 6 miles during the week. I actually conquered that feat in 2 days – so maybe I should have a higher goal. I always lifted some weights and got in a walking adventure with JP after work one day. One thing that’s not the best though? My eating habits. They are still terrible and all the exercise in the world isn’t going to work off a lemon loaf from Starbucks (guilty pleasure).  So I’m working on being more conscious of what I’m putting in my mouth and how much I’m consuming.

We’ve had a lot going on this past week. I went shopping for my wedding dress with some of my bridesmaids and my cousin. One of my bridesmaids was so sweet and flew in from Texas for the day! I had an appointment for David’s Bridal but wasn’t really awed with anything I found. The one dress I did “like” wouldn’t be able to come in until the last week of June at the earliest – a no-go when my wedding is the first week of July! So we found another place on Yelp and headed over there to see (and pray) if we could do a drop-in with no appointment. The lady at the receptionist desk was ultra rude and squeezed me in for a 2:30 pm appointment with a consultant that was open. I almost had a Julia Roberts moment, walking away from that lady. But I contained myself – well, semi-contained myself.

When I arrived later for my appointment, luckily my consultant was ultra nice and she was also a fellow American-Serb! So we bonded. She also had a few dresses for me to try on and the best part? Their rush order would get my dress in by early June! Sweet! I was able to find a dress there that fit perfectly, looked great and had all my bridesmaids beam with joy – which was a super happy moment for me. I knew it was the dress as soon as I put it on. What a great feeling.

A dress that didn’t make it?


We took this shot to trick JP into thinking that I completely changed my mind with what we agreed upon (ie. a relaxed vibe) and decided upon a big poofy wedding dress. I felt like Scarlet OHare in that mega dress and can’t imagine walking around with it on all day – especially in July. What are you women thinking?!


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