Thoughts on Turning 30

Tomorrow is May 1st which means I’ll officially be in the month of my birthday. This year is different because I have a milestone to hit – the BIG 3-0. Now those of you who are already 30 or over 30 will probably roll your eyes and scoff at me with your NBD (no big deal) attitude, but I don’t care. I’m freaked out by 30 and kinda bummed by it. I’ve oddly always been comfortable being in my 20s. I know people say that when you hit 30 is when you really start growing into yourself and it’s the best years ever. I’m sure it is. But I’ve really enjoyed being in my 20s. I think I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past decade and yes “youthfulness” is great but I’ve been more comfortable in my skin as a teenager and in my 20s than I fear I’ll be as I grow older.

It’ll be weird writing that 3 down before my double-digit age on forms and stuff now. And it’ll be weird to “officially” feel grown up even tho I grew up years ago. And many of my friends that I talk to tell me that time didn’t stop when they turned 30. That it was really truly no big deal. I don’t know, I’m sure I’m being a big baby about it. What are your thoughts on hitting those milestones? Anyone have the best 30th or 40th birthday ever?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Turning 30

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