Lean, Mean, Non-Green Machine

I had some good runs last week and actually was able to squeeze three of them in! WHAT! Three runs in a week? Unheard of the past two months around here! But I got motivated, pushed myself and was able to complete them without killing myself. Progress, people, progress.



I received my weekly report from DailyMile, where I  track all of my runs and some of my other cardio work. And was so excited to see that for last week, I not only squeezed in three separate runs but went for 9.68 miles total on the week! I wanted to high five myself…and maybe I did at the gym. So now that my running is back, I’ve been trying to incorporate some weight lifting here and there and am mostly using machines and some free weight workouts I know. But I’m getting BOOOOORED with it. Any advice on how  to spice up my lifting routine? Any good apps out there with weight lifting workouts incorporated in there?

I’m looking to tone up, not bulk up but am also in the process of trying to lose weight … I don’t want to be the Hulk but am looking to increase my strength, endurance and trim up all areas of my body.

marvel comics

marvel comics



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