Tulip Time Festival

When JP asked me what I wanted for my 30th birthday at the end of the month, the first thing that popped in my head was “vacation!” Since we have a few months until we hit our honeymoon, I wanted to be able to get away carefree and just enjoy some me/us time together. One of our favorite bed and breakfasts in Saugatuck, Michigan popped up on Groupon a month ago and I quickly snatched it up and planned a two-day getaway for us. We boarded the pups and headed out on Thursday, hoping the weather would clear up. It was calling for low 70s and rainy temps for our entire time there and that would be no fun in this beachy town.

We went straight to Holland, Michigan for the Tulip Time festival and were excited to see it was sunny and about 79 degrees outside! The festival is all about celebrating the Dutch culture, with parades, Dutch dancing, music, shopping, food and even tours of the tulips throughout the city.


When we arrived, we found a parking space right by their large park area with gorgeous tulips all throughout. People were enjoying the weather and stopping by the different patches of tulips  to check out their beautiful colors and quirky names. We spotted a few we thought were fun:

Kingsblood tulips

Kingsblood tulips

Blushing Beauty

Blushing Beauty

And one of our favorites… Where’s Laverne??

Shirley tulips

Shirley tulips

After looking at the tulips, we headed to where the action was a few streets away from where we parked. We arrived at the main street and noticed everyone ..and I mean everyone … was lining up like a parade was going to start coming through the town! We decided to check out the cute shops along the street and look for a place to eat lunch. On our way to a restaurant, we were stopped because a performance of children dressed up like Dutchmen and Dutchwomen were doing traditional Dutch dances in the middle of the street – complete with wooden clogs! So adorable! We headed into AlpenRose Restaurant (Eat post coming later) and chowed down! While in the restaurant, it sounded like a full-on parade was marching down the street, so when we were finished, we decided to head out and see what the action was all about.

tulip2People and bands marched all along the streets with fans cheering from the sidelines. It seemed that there were a ton of bands that marched, as well, and it must have been local children that were participating. Some of the bands were great! After the parade ended, we wanted to see where everyone was headed to and it looked like there was a carnival a few blocks down from the main street with the parade. We walked down there and found a shady part of town and shady-looking people. So we grabbed a funnel cake and hightailed it back to our car.

Enjoying the tulips!

Enjoying the tulips!

Otherwise, we had a great time at the festival. If you stay away from the carnival part of the festival and enjoy the parades, dancing and shopping, you’ll have a nice little time! I’d definitely recommend it for couples or families looking for a fun time in the Holland, Michigan area! Have you ever been to Tulip Time or any other flower festivals?


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