Eat Michigan: Pumpernickel’s Eatery

Whhaaaat! A weekend post? Enjoy!

Ahhh! This is the last in my vacation re-cap of Michigan and we close up with a food review of Pumpernickel’s Eatery in the heart of Saugatuck! On our last morning in Michigan, we woke up in our bed and breakfast and wiped the sleep out of our eyes and wandered downstairs to the eating area about 20 minutes after breakfast had “officially opened.” We found another couple sitting in the foyer area and the breakfast nook packed with people we didn’t even realize stayed our our B&B! With open rooms on our floor, we were actually shocked to see so many people. Needless to say, we didn’t want to wait around forever and decided to head back up to our rooms to shower and tackle the morning.

We found some breakfast places in the area and decided to back into downtown Saugatuck and check out Pumpernickel’s which is right on the corner in the main drag on Butler St. It’s an adorable little cafe with bright colors and small sit-down area on the main floor, and a larger eating space on the second floor and additionally an outdoor patio. You place your order at the register, have a seat and then they bring out your meal to your table. Pretty easy-peasy.

JP went with the flap-jacks which are served with syrup and butter and I went with The Ordinary which is two eggs, served with your choice of meat (I picked bacon), a buttermilk biscuit and potato casserole … and we both grabbed coffee!

The Ordinary

The Ordinary

All meals are served in a skillet, which is adorable. JP liked her pancakes and said they were really delicious. My meal, on the other hand, was less-than-fabulous. It was kind of cold. The biscuit was microwaved so it definitely didn’t have that fresh, flaky taste to it.  The eggs had little taste to them and the potato casserole was a bit strange – it was like a Mexican Scramble and hashbrowns. The bacon was good, though!

Definitely wasn’t my favorite meal of the trip and I don’t think I’d return here. They seem to really focus on their lunch and dinner menus and have tons of choices of sandwiches to pick from. If I did return, I’d try out their lunch but it wouldn’t be my first choice in breakfast! I hope you enjoyed my re-cap of our trip to Michigan!

What trips have you taken recently? What was your favorite trip to blog about?


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