Book Review: Beautiful Redemption

I tackled the last in the “Beautiful Creatures” series last week- as I skipped over a Kate Morton book (one of my favorite authors) and wanted to indulge in some teenage angsty love drama. Who doesn’t love a good story, even if it’s full of witches and vampires? The last book in the 4-part series is called “Beautiful Redemption,” where co-authors Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia pick up where the third book left off – the aftermath of the suicide of a main character, Ethan Wate.


Ethan jumps off of the water-town in Gatlin in book three as he (and the rest of the characters) realize that he is the “one that is two” and must end his life to join together his spirit that has been haunting him (from when he died in book 1 and was brought back to life) and his real self. His death is bring balance back into the Caster World and the Mortal World – as both have been experiencing traumatic weather-related occurrences due to the imbalance of the “one that is two.”  Still following me?

The reader discovers that in death, Ethan still finds life as his spirit roam the afterlife hoping to find a clue on how to return to Lena and Gatlin alive. He’s reconnected with his mother and the Greats who help him on his journey where he learns that he must encounter the Keepers of the Far Keep to change “his” page (his past, present, future) that’s within the Caster Chronicles. Along his journey, he encounters many good people who assist him, as well as has some run-ins with some terrible foes (read: Seraphine). In addition, he must communicate from the dead to Lena and Amma so that he can retrieve some items from their world to assist in his journey.

If you thought the first three books took you on an adventure through the Caster Worlds and into the love lives of Lena and Ethan – and all of their intertwined family history… book four will be the icing on the cake. A tall adventure, wrapped in an easy-to-follow tale of one guy’s journey to return to the love of his life from the afterlife. Tons of twists and turns are in the book and with Ethan’s death in the third book being a complete shock to me – I didn’t take a happy ending for granted.

I really liked this series and hope they follow the other three books into movie production – I really liked the first movie. If you’re seeking a series to fill your “Twilight” or “The Hunger Games” void – this is the series. You’ll adore Ethan’s boy-next-door personality and root for Lena to find the good in herself and overcome the dark that wants to pull her under.



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