Wedding Love: The Ring

Something that I’ve struggled a little bit with over the past few months is wanting a non-traditional ring. I do not have an engagement ring – we do not have a great proposal story (we really were just assessing our life/relationship and decided together that we want to move forward and build a family together and basically spend all of eternity together).  Without an engagement ring, I  want a little bling on my finger and do not want a plain band. A girl deserves a little sparkle, right?

Where I struggle is when you see a wedding band on a woman, your first realization that this woman is taken is by seeing the rock on her finger and a band right next to it. That’s the natural way most women stand out from your run-of-the-mill left ring-finger-wearing ring versus “The Band”.

Traditional rings – source

And I realize that “the ring” is my ring and I shouldn’t be worried about what other people think – but I know I’ll be proud of my marriage and want to indicate to the world “I’M TAKEN!” Ha! When looking for rings, I spotted an AMAZING infinity/twisted band that I immediately fell in love with on Pinterest. I wasn’t able to track down the original source of the band (believe my I tried) but knew that a twisted back was what I really wanted. It has a tiny bit of bling and a bunch of uniqueness that I adore.

But because I wasn’t able to track down that beauty from above, JP and I headed to the mall to find an alternative that works. Unfortunately, finding even an infinity band is very hard! There are limited choices available, so if you’re a girl looking for something a little bit different, I’d recommend looking for unique websites like Blue Nile or even Etsy to help with your search – don’t go to the mall!

Lucky for me, I was able to find something that I really liked and was right in our price range, which I was excited about. It’s no dream band like above, but it’s definitely something that I really like and that’ll have deep meaning once it’s a part of my big day which I’m super excited about! The ring I chose is a bit of a loop band with small diamonds around the loop. It kind of looks like this sweet ring below:

source: unknown

How did you pick out the ring for your big day? Any tips or things to keep in mind when searching for your wedding band?


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