Only the Insane Try Insanity

With about oooooh 24 days until the big day, JP and I have been feeling a little sluggish as of late. I have completely slacked off in any form of exercise regime, which only got worse when hit with an awful cold at the end of May. We ended up purchasing Insanity since quite a few of our friends have raved about the program and it’s results. JP first tried it when I was on a work trip and after her first day, told me breathlessly over the phone that it was the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life. This coming from a woman who has played soccer all of her life, D1 basketball, and has had 3 back surgeries. Excuse me?! Needless to say, I wasn’t stoked to try it when I returned home.

The first day is a Fit Test, which basically is a cardio workout all in itself as you measure how many of a certain exercise you can complete within a specific time frame. The “test” only lasts about 30 minutes but seriously, I wanted to pass out during it. There are 30 second water breaks here and there but you pretty much push yourself through some semi-intense exercise moves, and there were multiple times where I had to completely stop and take a breather. Shaun T doesn’t recommend that, though.

I took a few days off after that – lots of stuff going on and came back to try Day 1 which is a 41 minute workout with plyometrics and cardio. I didn’t make it through the video – seriously, I made it like 23 minutes in and quit. I was almost done. It was super intense, worse than the fit test and was basically the same movements over and over but increasing in speed. I should have just finished the workout. But now my legs have been sore and tight ever since and I keep making up any excuse to NOT workout at all. Boo.

I want to really get through the program and focus on it – it’s only 60 days and the workouts, although super intense, are manageable. Anyone else make it through Insanity and have any tidbits on how to stay focused?



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