With 18 days left until my big wedding day, to say that I’m stressed is an understatement. I’m so stressed that I’m actually not taking ANY action and basically taking a back seat to wedding planning, which isn’t boding well for my fiance. So, I need to pull my act together and get on this arts and crafts wagon because it’s pulling out of the station and fast! Which is all why I’ve been so quiet lately around here. Thank you for continuing to stop by – you’re so sweet. And I will apologize in advance for my sporadic posts and updates over the next 3 weeks, I hope you understand why I might be MIA. That being said – I really am seeking guest bloggers! If you’re interested in being featured here – let me know! Even though I do not have many comments on my posts, I do have many lurkers and I love my lurkers!

Anyways! I’ll be back and forth on the blog up until the wedding but will definitely have TONS of DIY posts and wedding tidbits once I get my feet back on the ground!


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