Wedding Love: Practice Hair

I headed an hour away from home towards our venue, last weekend for my practice-hair-mock-up-run-through for the wedding. I was about 10 minutes late to my appointment, with a Starbucks in hand – and my perfect hair-do image not pulled up on my Pinterest account yet. While the wonderful stylist had me seated, I fumbled around on my phone for a good 2 minutes trying to find the dang picture and was finally able to locate it.

Initially, I was worried that I didn’t have enough hair for these adorable wrapped curls, but the stylist consoled me and let me know that I actually had “more than enough” hair as she began curling  my hair. Great! But as we got closer to the “final product,” she and I realized that my hair was actually too think and heavy for the look above. She got the curls to work on my head but I had some much left over hair at the nape of my neck that it looked weird and awkward. So we nipped that idea in the bud and began playing around with other ideas.

When I say that my hair was flipped in and out, pinned up and down and curled all over the place – I’m serious. We tried everything from curls on the top, to brushed to the side and then realized we were running out of time before my appointment ended and hadn’t picked a style! EEK! So she tried a few other things and finally settled on something that I loved! Can’t wait!

I wanted to show you some pictures, though, from the process! Crazy!

Look how excited I am! #longappointment

Look how excited I am! #longappointment


Le back!

Le back!

I can’t wait until the big day when I get to see the final design! I’m so excited! Any tips on getting the most out of my wedding hair appointment?


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