Wedding Love: Bachelorette Dinner

Holy moly! Our big day is fast approaching and we’re within the 10-day mark!! Can you believe it? I can’t. I’m officially able to obsess over the anticipated weather of our big day – joy! So far, so good tho! Looks like 80 degrees, sunny with a 10% chance of rain. Cross your fingers that it stays that way!

A few weeks ago, we had a “Bachelorette Dinner” in the suburbs in lieu of a full-on drunk fest in Chicago.  Usually, when you think of Bachelorette Parties, you think of that last hoorah that brides have before they tie the know, where their friends all join together to throw a monster bash of pin boas, plentiful drinks and lewd, crazy shenanigans.  JP and I thought about it and decided we wanted to take the less intense approach and have a dinner with our bridal party and their significant others along with our parents (who officially met for the first time!), and then head to an improv comedy show.

We had dinner at Lincoln Whiskey Kitchen in Schaumburg – becoming a fast favorite of mine, and had a great time! Although seating was a little off for 14 people (not everyone got to chat and mingle with each outher), the food was fast and AMAZING! We had some great laughs and also did a mini-photo shoot by the whiskey barrels, which I’m sure the other diners LOVED! 🙂

us w/some of our peeps!

us w/some of our peeps!

For dinner, I had the filet mignon cobb salad (minus the eggs – not allergic, just don’t want them) which had the tenderest steak, yummy blue cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes and a to-die-for balsamic dressing. I swear I was dreaming about that salad for days. Sorry, no pictures of the food – I seriously got right to it and inhaled that bad boy!

my sister/moh and i!

my sister/moh and i!

After dinner, we all headed a few streets over to the comedy club which was in the same area, so pretty convenient! We attended the 9:30 PM show, so I knew it would be a little raunchy…but it was totally fun overall. They seriously kept picking on my little sister throughout the whole show, and I also ended up scoring a gift since it was the show’s 5 year anniversary and they drew my fake email address as a prize winner! Joy!

me and my pops!

me and my pops!

Overall, we had a pretty great night, just like we imagined it would be. I seriously can’t believe that it’s already coming up on our wedding date – time flies! It feels like just last week we were starting to put down deposits, and now this week we are paying peeps in full! Man! 🙂 But I can’t wait! I know it’ll be a super fun weekend with our favorite people.

Have you done anything non-traditional during your wedding celebrations? I’d love to hear about it!


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