Guest Blog: Flirting with Fitness

Welp – I’m in the midst of wedding week but have a wonderful Guest Blog today from Dee at Flirting with Fitness! Dee has some great tips on managing weight loss and staying trim and fit! Stop over at her blog for more tips and to follow her journey!


Hi there! My name is Dee from Flirting with Fitness!


I am so excited to be here today and share with you my new fitness blog. I have been blogging a long time about my love of crafting but in the last year, I have flirted with fitness and I love it! So, I decided to share my fitness journey and all of the tips I have learned. I hope to inspire you to start your own journey or continue on your path to living a healthy lifestyle.

Today, my tip for you is the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. Who knew that this could be good for you and healthy?

Many people use Apple Cider Vinegar to help with weight loss. Due to the acidity it helps you digest and break up the bad fats. But there are a lot of benefits so I will be quiet and just let you watch the video. I will show you how I use Apple Cider Vinegar and also tell you some more benefits.

I also tell you a little more about me and my fitness journey. Which includes this……

Completing the Spartan Race.

Loving the Color Run…..

I said I would be quiet….Ok. I am really going to do it this time.

You should definitely try incorporating Apple Cider Vinegar into your healthy lifestyle. As I train for my first fitness competition, I can tell that Apple Cider Vinegar has helped my diet and I love how my skin feels.

Come on by Flirting With Fitness and flirt with me! Well, not literally. Just join me as I flirt with all kinds of fitness. Let me know your fitness goals or I can help you simply start living a healthy lifestyle. Let’s do this together!

There is only one of you and you only have one body so take care of it! And love it!

Always remember it is more than ok to flirt…..with fitness!

Are you?


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