Wedding Week: DIY Bridesmaids Bags

Welcome to Wedding Week! This week I’ll share some of our best DIY projects from our big day! Today’s posts feature a gift we designed for our bridesmaids!

JP and I knew we want to give our girls something special as a “Thank you” for all of the time and effort put into helping us pull off our big day.  We knew we wanted some form of canvas bag to put those items in and dove right into and Pinterest for ideas. Etsy had some great canvas bags from some brilliant small business owners that we contemplated for a while. But after calculating the expense for the 11 gals we wanted to provide gifts too – we thought there HAD to be a less expensive way to get this done without dropping a few hundred bucks on bags.

That’s when I dove deeper into Pinterest to search for some DIY options with paint canvas beach bags. Some of the inspiration for this project came from here, here, and here. After seeing the adorable results from these super crafty crafters, I decided to DIY the bags myself. Now, JP, knowing that I’m not a super crafter had her doubts – but I assured her this was a project I wanted to do and would see through it all the way. Dedication, ladies! Ya need it!

I headed to Joann Fabrics with my 40% off coupons in hand and a shopping list which consisted of 11 canvas bags, soft Fabric Paint (in yellow and gray), and paint brushes. I found some decent size canvas bags in packs of 3 for $14.99 and they came in a true canvas color and white. They didn’t have enough of each color in the amount I needed so I mixed and matched and picked up a few packs of the canvas color and a few in the white color. With my 40% off discount the bags were about $3 each. Score! I then found the paint section and decided to go with the Martha Stewart fabric paint because many of the DIY reviews said it finishes soft, which is great because no one wants a scratchy bag. The paint was about $1.99 a bottle and came in a bright yellow, which would match our colors perfectly. I didn’t find a gray that I liked in the Martha Stewart brand, so I picked up a glittery silver un Tulip soft.  I was a little worried how that would come out but it ended up working out perfectly, which you’ll see in a little bit.

Also, in some of the DIY recommendations, people have said to use the freezer paper but I just used standard blue painter’s tape and pressed hard on it when trying to secure it down to the canvas bag. You’ll see that the lines came out pretty darn good using this method – so it’s up to you which product you want to use!

Overall, I looooved how the bags turned out! The girls were able to use them the day of the wedding to bring all of their belongings with them throughout the day and can definitely use them as a cute beach accessory the rest of the summer!


Tools Needed:

  • Canvas Bag
  • Painter’s tape
  • Fabric paint
  • Sponge brushes


  1. Lay bag down on a flat surface and smooth out. (you may want to also make sure to cover up any part of the surface that you do not want to get paint on with plastic!)
  2. Use painters tape to section off the bag every few inches.
  3. Once bag has been sectioned off, select desired colors of fabric paint and paint in between lines, making sure not try to stay in the lines as best as possible!
  4. Once all of your lines are done – let dry for about 2 hours.
  5. Peel back painter’s tape and VOILA!

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