Wedding Week: DIY – Yarn-Wrapped Letters

I saw a tutorial on DIY yarn-wrapped letters on Pinterest a few months ago and liked the way they looked so much that I decided to pin it to one of my wedding boards. When JP and her mom and sister and I were out shopping for some wedding materials during one of our trips to Ohio, we spotted cardboard letters of various sizes that we have big hopes for to use as decoration for our big-day. We also picked up some colored yarn in corresponding colors to our wedding – gray, white and yellow.

I knew I didn’t want to paint the letters, because of the cardboard material I was worried that they would warp or come out funky looking. So instead, I remembered the tutorial I pinned and immediately wanted to wrap the letters. When I first started – I just started haphazardly wrapping. I didn’t really read the instructions and figured I could wing it and it would be simple enough. Wrong. Guess what “winging it” actually looks like:

do not attempt!

do not attempt!

So I decided to go back to the drawing board and meticulously unwrap all three letters, read the instructions and re-do. To tell you it’s time consuming – even just to do it properly, is an understatement. Most of the DIY tutorials I’ve seen are pretty much the same. Here’s a great one similar to the ones I followed.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • plain, unwrapped letter
  • yarn
  • hot glue/hot glue gun
  • patience

So, starting with a piece of yarn, you’ll find a point on the letter to begin with. On the “A”, it’s usually best to begin with the middle pieces that make up the top of the letter. Determine your “back” and glue the tip of the yarn to the back. This will COMPLETELY HELP keep the yarn in place and you’ll love yourself for doing this. I then began to wrap the yarn as tight as possible, winding the yarn in and out of the top key of the A, then snipped the yarn and secured the end to the back of the letter and then moved on to the other side. In Sarah’s tutorial, she went an extra step and yarned vertically on the A after the letter was completely covered. I didn’t do that. I thought it looked fin as-is.

I suggest with all letters to use glue on the back of the letter as much as possible. It helps secure the yarn in place, and really allows you to make straight lines when working with the material. I even went a little crazy and wanted to use all three of our wedding colors so I thought to make a cute “design” on the “B” and “R” letters – can you tell what I was spelling out?



I actually love the way they came out (please excuse the terrible iPhone photos – I’m working on getting a better camera) – and I’m ultra excited that they stand on their own. I did NOT wrap the bottom tips of the letters for this purpose only – I wanted to make sure that the letters could stand on the table (well, the bottom of the B is wrapped) but if you’re planning on mounting these cute letters on a wall, I’d consider fully wrapping them.

letters in action | courtesy of Jess @ Plucky's Second Thought

letters in action | courtesy of Jess @ Plucky’s Second Thought

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