Wedding Week: DIY Menus and Other Paper Signs

Our theme font for our wedding was a plain old ‘gal named “Arial”, not to be confused with a red-headed gal with a fin named Ariel. We did all of the print in lowercase – our spin on cute, so everything include our invitations, wedding programs, and signs throughout the wedding were used with this font. In an attempt to match our other paper items that were being made by JP’s sister and mom in Ohio, I stuck to simple signs that reflected the same font and color scheme. That way everything wouldn’t clash with the other paper items throughout the day.

Starting with a blank page in Microsoft Word, I decided to make various signs using a “white” background with gray font (in Arial) and yellow double stripes on the top and bottom of the signs. For the menus, we picked up 99 cent white double-sided frames from Ikea. The signs were 4×6 and vertical. On one side I listed out the menu for the evening and on the other side, I chose to do a quick little “design” with our initials and the date of our wedding.


For the bar menu, memory candle sign, and popcorn sign I did the same thing – but it was changed to horizontal and size 5×7 since we were using different frames. If you’re looking for simple but classic signage – this is a great design to use.


memory sign | courtesy of Jess @ Plucky’s Second Thought

It only takes a few minutes to type out and print – you just have to be careful where you place your lines depending on what your frame looks like. So, you may have to print out a few times to make sure the lines are shown in the glass part of the frame. But otherwise, I was really pleased with them and happy they matched everything else at the wedding!


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