Eat Chicago Suburbs: Dao Sushi

I have an obsession with good sushi. JP and I had our regular place back in the city, where they offered half-priced maki rolls every day of the week, and we were spoiled because when I lived back in the city, it was an easy place to get to on a Saturday afternoon to enjoy some quality sushi rolls. After my official move to the suburbs though, it’s been increasing hard to curb that sushi craving with a decent sushi restaurant.

We tried a local place a few months back, that I wasn’t really impressed with and have had zero desire to return. There’s been another local place on my radar called Abishiri Sushi, but we haven’t made it over there yet.  The week leading to our wedding (and post-wedding) I apparently had been whining so much about having a strong craving for sushi, that JP surprised me with dinner reservations at a third place we had been eying in Oakbrook Terrace.

Again, we’re spoiled and used to getting great sushi at half the price and Dao Sushi looked a bit pricey from it’s exterior. But my girl bit the bullet and decided to take me there anyways.  We had reservations for 7 pm but arrived a bit early and were surprised to find it nearly empty. There were a few tables with customers there, but a reservation definitely was not needed when we got there. It’s pretty dark inside, with contemporary designs and dark hard woods. We were seated at a small table near the patio, but there were also large semi-circle booths available for parties with 4 people.

We missed happy hour by 1 hour – so sad! But we were excited to see that they did offer half-price signature maki rolls and half-priced appetizers during their daily happy hour specials!

Their menu is quite impressive.  They have some yummy appetizers like edamame, tempura mix (fried veggie goodness) and satay.  We went with the edamame and the king crab rangoon to start with. They also have about 20 different “signature” maki rolls which range from $13 – $25 per roll (8 pieces) and also have a slew of your typical maki like Philly roll, California roll, and tempura rolls. It was hard to pick which ones as everything sounded amazing from the menu description, but I eventually selected the “Volcano Roll” from the signature menu which included white tuna, cream cheese, jalapeno, avocado and crab meat wrapped in a warm crunchy roll. I also picked two regular maki rolls – Philly roll and Salmon tempura. Can you tell I enjoy cream cheese and avocado on my rolls?


To say this sushi was delicious is an understatement. We raved about it all night long – the rolls were wrapped perfectly and were delicious.  It seemed like they used real ingredients (which I’m not sure if Kabuki used actual crab/fish – gross!) and the Volcano Roll had a perfect blend of heat and crunch, and it just melted in your mouth. Even the crab Rangoon was amazing. We received 4 large battered pockets with crab and cream cheese stuffed in them and traditional orange dipping sauce – they were amazing.

If you’re looking for a great sushi place in the suburbs, I’d definitely recommend Dao! I can’t wait to stop by at happy hour soon and try other signature maki rolls!


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