Farm Fresh

We woke up early on Sunday morning to head out to a Farmer’s Market in the nearby town of Wheaton, called Wheaton’s French Market. It’s located in the heart of town in a parking lot by the train tracks (hold on to your kiddos) at the corner of Main Street and Liberty Drive.  We headed there first thing in the morning, only stopping to get coffee and hoped for some yummy treats to snack on for breakfast. We parked for free in a nearby parking garage and I’m not going to lie, was quickly overwhelmed with the amount of people crammed in the market. Vendors range from having locally grown produce from nearby farms, to homemade artisan cheeses, honey and baked goods – and even jewelry, soaps and other goodies.

She loves when I force her to take pictures while eating!

She loves when I force her to take pictures while eating!

After doing a quick walk-through to spy the best deals and freshest produce, we headed to a bakery stand to grab some sugar dusted donut bites that were out of this world. After that snack, I felt better about forging through the large crowd and getting our goods. We picked up some yummy produce – cherry tomatoes, green onions, strawberries, asparagus, corn and peaches and filled out reusable shopping bag to the brim. We also picked up a pack of yummy pretzel rolls that looked amazing, and grabbed the pups some dog treats, as well.

side shot of market

side shot of market

We dove into some of the food when we got home but used a bunch of it for Sunday’s yummy grilled dinner where JP made hotdogs, corn, garlic asparagus and balsamic onions and tomatoes. So delicious! I’m spoiled!

It was fun wandering around the market and checking out the produce that was available. Much of it was pretty pricey, but it was quality stuff so you knew you were getting yummy food and also supporting a local farmer or small business owner. I also spied some delicious looking margarita pizza that was being made on-site by a food vendor but it was too early for lunch so we skipped a taste. Next time, though!

some of our yummy finds

some of our yummy finds


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